“25 years of experience in helping businesses grow.”

As a hugely successful entrepreneur and specialist in re-organisation and business development strategies, Trevor uses his experience to support existing businesses and provides advice to companies seeking financial investment to take their next development step.

Trevor has a wealth of experience in finance consulting and business negotiations across a broad range of high end and low end organisations – this includes the financial sector, property investments, hospitality, latent defects insurance and private equity.

That experience has included growing existing businesses, leading the development of start-ups and evaluating and advising companies. This expertise has been gained advising Managing Directors, senior directors and company boards in the UK and globally in Europe, Asia and the USA.

With a deep rooted entrepreneurial spirit Trevor understands the importance of quality in business relations. He helps restructure, and helps companies develop a culture that is in tune with the original vision.

Trevor understands the importance of maintaining passion for personal and financial growth; he knows how each important element
helps blend together a company policy that works for a sustainable
and profitable future.

He is a creative thinker with an enterprising spirit, keen commercial eye, and exceptional financial acumen across the business and commercial property sectors. He also has specific expertise in the following areas:

• Structural insurance

• Builders General Liability Insurance

• Property Investment

• Business Finance for Equity and Debt

• Business Turnaround and Distressed Acquisitions