The daily grind of going to a job you find boring and uninspiring can unfortunately be a fact of life when you have bills to pay and a family to care for.

To balance it out, many of us have a hobby or take part in an activity in our spare time that relaxes us and removes us, at least temporarily, from those pressures.

But what if your hobby could also be responsible for your income?

Read on for our list of four top hobbies that can be turned into a career.


The internet has transformed the world of photography.

There is a potential audience all over the world and more and more people are taking to the world wide web to share their images.

Developing your skills and starting to do odd photography jobs for friends and family could lead to a lucrative career change.


If you are particularly creative in the kitchen and enjoy nothing more than whipping up a batch of pretty cupcakes in your spare time, then this is an ideal hobby to look at expanding into a new career or small business.

If you’re always being called upon by your nearest and dearest to make their birthday, Christmas or special occasion cakes, why not expand this further to other paying customers?

Health and fitness

If you take your healthy eating and exercise regime seriously then chances are you have researched a lot of ways to improve both areas.

This type of knowledge can be put into practice with lots of online courses at your disposal to become a qualified physical fitness instructor.

This gives you the freedom to live out your hobby full time.


Homemade gifts are fast expanding in popularity with websites like Etsy giving keen crafters the chance to share and sell their lovingly handmade items on the world stage.

From glitter encrusted glasses to homemade natural soap bars, if your hobby has the potential to be turned into a money-making venture then the market for original pieces is becoming one to watch.

As with all new ventures there is a risk to changing career or starting a new business.

Always research your market first and identify if there’s a gap that can be filled by your skilled hobby.

The freedom to do what you love each day will be the reward for all the hard work you might have to invest in during the process.