Drive and ambition aren’t always at the forefront of your mind when you’re working in a job you enjoy, and it’s not always obvious to you or others when you have outgrown your current role and are ready to take on more tasks and responsibilities.

There are many signs to indicate that you might need to step back and focus on where you’re at in your career or chosen vocation.

Here are five tips that could help you decide if you’re ready for the next step.

Looking for new opportunities

If you find that you are often seeking out extra work in addition to your normal day to day tasks, you might be ready for a new challenge.

Being on the lookout for new opportunities within the business is sure fire way to become worthy of more responsibility.

Coming up with ideas and solutions

While going about your working day you might find yourself coming up with new ideas to save time or money for your employer or a solution to an already existing problem.

This shows you’re already in the mindset of solving problems and is a clear sign you’re showing traits of the next level of responsibility.

Asking for training

Being eager to learn and increase your skill set is a great way to show that you can take on more that you’re currently being asked to do.

Being proactive and asking for training or volunteering to attend courses that not only improve your CV but also benefit the business shows forward thinking – especially if you’re also prepared to come back and share your new knowledge with your colleagues.

Seeing the bigger picture

The wider working environment might not seem immediately important if you work in a busy team or department, but you may well have transferable skills that another department could benefit from.

Pushing yourself for an internal transfer or promotion is great way to show the hierarchy that you’re ready to offer more.

Being professional and helping others

Sometimes it’s not just what you’re saying and doing in your role or daily tasks.

Coming across as a leader within the team and being ready to help others can display an air of maturity to the senior staff around you who may then earmark you as being ready to step up.