Recruiting the best people is what differentiates an average company from the very best, as without nurturing great talent you risk stagnation and wasted resources.

But what is the best way to ensure you generate consistently great hires?

Here are five tried and tested strategies for maximising your recruitment activities…

1) Value your applicants

In a highly competitive job market, even the best job applicants become accustomed to knock-backs and radio silence after submitting an application.

A great way of ensuring you don’t lose out on top talent is to ensure you treat recruitment much as you would a great sales lead, and make it clear you understand your best candidates are highly demanded.

This can be done by being as accommodating to that applicant as possible, providing a great recruitment experience.

By doing this, you will be well on your way to helping your best candidates understand why your company is a great place to work, even if they are fielding numerous offers.

2) Keep it mobile-friendly

Everyone knows how important mobile responsive websites are to customers – but they’re of equal importance to job seekers too.

Around 45% of job hunting individuals use a mobile device as a key part of their search, so it’s important that mobile is made a key consideration in your recruitment activities.

Is your company careers page mobile-friendly?

Does it look as impressive on a mobile device as the desktop version?

If using application forms, ensure that they too can be accessed and completed while job seekers are on the go.

3) Diversify your approach to job boards

Don’t restrict your candidate search to generic recruitment websites, but instead target those niche to your particular industry.

This is made much easier with the growth of specialist recruitment portals for every sector imaginable, yet they are a frequently untapped resource.

4) Use social channels wisely

Not all potential recruits are actively seeking a move to a new company, but some great candidates could already be interacting with your brand via your social media channels.

Try utilising the less populous social channels for approaching prospects directly, and explore different engagement paths with an understanding of the varying etiquette of each platform.

5) Highlight your company culture

You want your new recruits to be the best possible fit, so be sure to explain – honestly – the benefits of your individual company culture.

Why invest in hiring the wrong people when you could help eliminate these mismatches at an early stage?

Being open and honest means you’ll spend much less time interviewing the wrong choice.