Being more organised in your work and personal life can be a sure fire way to keep on track with everything you need to do day-to-day.

Our six reasons why being (and staying) organised will hopefully convince even the most laid back person why organisation is key.

1. Time management

It’s not true of everyone who is unorganised but for the majority of those who leave most things to chance their time keeping is terrible.

Planning your day or week with lists or a diary will improve your time management.

And it will likely improve your friendships when you don’t keep on being fashionably late for almost everything!

2. Efficiency

Unorganised disarray isn’t efficient.

In fact, it is the opposite in most cases.

Being efficient at work will show your colleagues and boss that you can handle the pace and manage your workload – possibly leading to a promotion to take on more responsibility and earn a better salary.

3. Prioritising

When you strive to be organised in all areas of your life then you will become better at prioritising.

Prioritising is a key skill to hone as it means you can allocate more time to things that are more important and also delegate less important tasks to others or leave for another time.

4. Less chaos

We all know someone who is completely unorganised and never seems to be able to fight their way out of the chaos but always complains of being that way.

Then there are those who embrace having a routine of organisation who rarely seem to live in a chaotic manner.

This is not a coincidence!

5. Saving money

Being unorganised can lead to losing things, missing deadlines, forgetting appointments and generally costing yourself or your company financial penalties or having to pay for replacement items.

Savings can be made through being organised at home too with a weekly shopping list to help you stick to a budget and recycling items for cash.

6. Clarity of goals

A clear schedule and organised approach to all areas of your life and work can help you to be focused on your goals.

Jumping from one thing to the next can be distracting and hinder any ambitions you may have.

If you want to learn a new skill or attend a course but you are a busy person then being more organised could afford you the time in your schedule needed to realise your dreams.