Everyone has different ideas about what constitutes good management, so naturally there are a number of different styles that you can adopt when it comes to managing your team.

Whether you have chosen to go with an autocratic, persuasive or democratic management style, if your employees dislike the way you do business it could lead to problems.

It’s important to be able to tell if your staff dislike the way you run your company so that you can make the relevant changes.

While you are entitled to do things the way that you think is best, having an unhappy workforce is not ideal and could result in complications.

Here are the 6 tell-tale signs that your employees dislike your management style.

They make mistakes frequently

If you are finding that the work that your employees are doing for you is often flawed, it may be time to rethink the way that you manage them as this could be the reason for their shoddy work.

If you prefer to take a laid-back approach and let staff get on with things you may find that some people are unable to cope.

In this case, they may need more assistance and you will need to take a more assertive approach.

They are always complaining about things

One of the best ways to tell how an employee feels about your management style is simply by listening to what they say.

If your inbox is always filling up with unhappy emails and complaints are being made about your input and the way you do things, it’s likely that your staff don’t appreciate your management style.

They aren’t motivated

Happy employees are ones that want to get the work done and then some.

If you are noticing that staff are slowing down and not doing anything extra for your business, it’s likely that they aren’t feeling very motivated, and this could be to do with the way that you are managing them.

They take days off too frequently

Noticing your team having more sick days than usual?

Maybe it’s because they don’t like the way that you operate.

If the vibe in the office is negative and not one that employees are used to, they may feel anxious and like they want to avoid work at all costs.

You feel segregated

If you are feeling out of the bubble, it could be that a lot of your employees have been expressing to each other that they don’t like your management style and are therefore forming a stronger bond with each other.

Your staff are arguing with each other

Poor management can lead to disputes between co-workers.

It’s unlikely that they will come to your and be vocal about what they don’t like, so taking it out on their fellow team members is an easier option.