If you’re looking to make your business more innovative, you need not depend on your ideas alone while you’ve got some of the smartest and most creative minds on your payroll.

You only need the correct approach and your business will never run out of ingenious innovations.

Unbeknownst to you, your employees probably have the greatest ideas your industry has seen and they only need a little incentive to bring them to life.

With a great team, you will most likely develop improved or new products and services that will revolutionise how you do business and help your employees discover their potential.

Here are five things you can do to encourage creativity among your employees:

1)  Give employees freedom to innovate

Encourage your employees to speak out their ideas in formal or informal settings.

Allow time to discuss new ideas during meetings and encourage each member to speak.

Shy team members may never get the opportunity to share their ideas that could possibly take your enterprise to the next level.

2) Offer feedback

When employees present their ideas to you for consideration, they’ll be expecting a response from you.

Assess the proposal as soon as possible to determine how feasible it is.

If it’s a great idea, implement it and give the innovator credit.

If it isn’t, give clear reasons why.

How you say no to an employee’s idea is vital.

You can have a meeting with the employee or the entire team to brainstorm an idea and tweak it or find more feasible alternatives.

This not only motivates the innovator but also demonstrates to other employees that you value their input.

3) Have a diverse team

Ensure your team is comprised of people with diverse capabilities.

The more diverse your team is, the more innovative your business is likely to be.

Encourage employees to apply their unique skills and gifts at the workplace, both individually and as part of the team.

Group them into teams and encourage healthy competition, where the group with the best idea gets an incentive or wins an award.

4) Encourage risk taking among the employees

Allow employees to try new or improved methods of doing their jobs.

Such freedom could lead to your team discovering a possible approach for company growth, new product or service.

Avoid shaming or punishing employees for mistakes and failures when an idea falls short of expectations.

This encourages risk taking because there will be no fear of being victimised in case an idea fails.

Establish a system of thoroughly trying and testing ideas before they are implemented to reduce chances of failure.

5) Set individual goals for employees

Assign specific responsibilities and goals for individuals, presenting each with an opportunity to develop solutions to existing problems or come up with new ideas.

Make your new employees know that they’re expected to be innovative while doing their jobs.

To increase the chances of success, create a fun environment at the workplace, one that sparks creativity and innovation.